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Giving Back

Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center (CCWC) is excited to share with you about the 10% give. This is Dr. Waggoner, and I’m writing on behalf of myself and my wife, nurse Juli.

We felt the Lord calling us to add another member to our family. So, we prayed about adopting an orphaned child. On the week that we set a deadline for ourselves to make a decision, the pastor at our church (Jim Brown of Grace Community Church) spoke on James 1:27, in which God commands us to take care of the orphans and widows. So, the adoption process began in the fall of 2008.

In Sept. 2009, we received a referral of little Anna Tihun; 2 1/2 months old.  We fell in love with her just by seeing her picture, and knew this was God’s plan for her and our family.

Village to Village Intl.

In Jan. 2010, we were approved for travel to bring Anna home. Sitting at the airport in Chicago we met Matt & Stacey Borst who were traveling to bring home Binyam as a new member of their family. A forever friendship started. Matt shared their struggle of raising money to adopt, and had the idea that if everyone gives a little, then we can all help a lot. So, Village to Village Intl. was born combining my business connections and the Borst creative idea. With the idea of 1000 people giving $10 we could raise $10,000 for a family. We have helped many families adopt from the US and other countries. To give $10 monthly, click on the V2V link! CCWC underwrites the operational cost so that 100% of the money given goes to a family or a small orphan project. Learn More »


Lifesong For Orphans

Matt Borst and I traveled to Austin Texas to attend an adoption conference. At the conference I met a man (Andy Lehman) that had a passion for the 143 million orphans that exist in our world today. I prayed for an opportunity to speak with him. On the plane ride home Andy was on my flight.  I shared with him all about Village to Village, and he shared with me all about Lifesong for Orphans. Learn More »


Lifesong Ethiopia Adami Tulu Project

I prayed for an opportunity to get involved with Lifesong Ethiopia since that is where our precious little girl was from. So, I friend requested Andy on Facebook, and the next day a business man named Aaron Klein posted on Andy’s wall that he needs team leaders to raise funds for a school house in Adami Tulu, Ethiopia. We jumped at the chance that God put in front of us! Check out both the Lifesong and Adami Tulu links. You can sponsor a child for $19 a month, or give any way that you feel led. CCWC is committed to giving toward the building of schools, and also sponsors 7 kids. Four at Adami Tulu and three at Samuel’s house. It gives us great joy to see these kids have a hope for the future. Learn More »


Asia’s Hope

Asia’s Hope has orphan homes in Cambodia and Thailand. Our home church sponsors two of these homes, and a group travels twice a year to visit our kids at these group homes. Check out the link to Asia’s hope, or go to Grace Community Church in Goshen to get involved. CCWC gives monthly to help with the ongoing cost. So why the 10% give? We feel so blessed by God for having a successful practice that we want to give back! It truly is more blessed to give than receive. Learn More »


Awake & Alive Horizontal Logo

Awake & Alive

Awake & Alive provides education and economic empowerment for children and their families to transform lives and communities in Ethiopia.  Education is the backbone of success and the tool that pulls individuals, and entire countries, out of poverty.  Awake & Alive utilizes a multi-faceted approach to educate orphans and widows in Ethiopia.  By partnering with established Ethiopian organizations that provide education, Awake & Alive enables Ethiopian orphans and half orphans to access quality education that can change their lives and generations to come. Learn More »