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This Stinks!

Laughter is Good Medicine!

Twenty-six years of treating patients has produced a lot of funny stories over the years.  I will not use any patient names to respect privacy, but will share some of the funny things that have happened over the years.

A newly engaged couple was in my treatment room together for adjustments.  I was treating the female who was laying face down, and while I adjusted her mid-back, the loudest fart I ever heard came out! The fiancé didn’t say anything other than, “Doc, can you open the window?  It’s getting a little stuffy in here.”

When I asked her to turn over so I could adjust her neck, she was as red as a beet.  Then, simultaneously, all three of us started laughing out loud.  She told him it was the first time in her life she had ever passed gas, and he said, “Yea right.”

Laughter is good medicine,

Dr. Waggoner

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