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Allergy in the Ears

Each year 30 million children in the US are treated for middle ear
infections.  Middle ear infection is the number one condition for
doctor visits by children under the age of 15.  The conventional method of
treatment involves antibiotic treatment or a surgical procedure to
implant ear tubes.  The problem with these solutions is that, though
relief may be provided, it is usually a temporary fix.

In our office we see a significant amount of childhood ear conditions,
and have had success working with them.  What seems to be ignored in
the conventional methods is the association of allergy with ear
infections.  Our solution involves a full spine adjustment, draining
the Eustachian tubes, and cervical lymphatic drainage techniques.
These techniques reset the body, giving it the ability to work at
optimal capacity.
What seems to be helpful in addition to treatments is the advice given
for outside of the office.  The use of probiotics, grapefruit seed
extract, enzymes, and mullein ear drops have demonstrated to be very
beneficial to kids battling with ear problems.  Eliminating dairy and
refined sugar from your child’s diet may be necessary as they are
often the hidden problem for some.
For more information on proper usage of the above mentioned
supplemental aids, please contact one of our offices for an
appointment. We would like to help your child beat the ongoing battle
of middle ear infection!

Dr. Megan

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