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Get Ready to Ride!

We are proud to announce the formation of the CCWC cycling club!  We will meet several times a week (weather permitting)!  We will post the week’s ride times and routes on our Face Book page, so make sure you check in often.  Watch our Facebook page for announcements on when the first ride will be.  Tell your friends!

We will have group rides with different levels of riders. The rule will be no one person will ride alone at the back of the pack. So, we will always have someone riding with you. If you go out in front and we can’t hang with you, that’s ok too.  You will have the route.

CCWC cycling club jerseys will be available for $50 to anyone who wants one!  The first few have been ordered.  Once we get them in, we’ll get some photos up of what they look like, and start taking orders!  More information to follow!

Looking forward to enjoying the country side of northern Indiana and Southern Michigan with you,
Dr. Waggoner

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