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Plantar fasciitis: “I beat it. So can you!!”

Plantar Fascitis is one of the most common foot disorders that we see in our office.  The Plantar Fascia is a ligament that connects our heel to our toes.  This ligament helps hold up our arches in our feet, and when it becomes irritated we get this syndrome.  The most common complaint of plantar fasciitis is pain, which is most prevalent in the mornings or after getting up from sitting.  People who are on their feet a lot during the day and runners are the most commonly affected.  A proactive approach to this problem can keep the patient from costly surgery or shots.  The doctor evaluates the issues, and a treatment plan is set fourth.  Some common treatments are sub-aqueous ultrasound, icing, cross friction massage, and stretching of the soleus/hamstrings.  A home treatment I give most of my patients is to freeze a bottle of water and roll your injured foot along it, a golf ball works well too.  If we aren’t proactive with the treatment a bone spur can form.  Then, things get a lot harrier.  The best success I find with my practice is fitting the patient for custom orthotics, and attacking the problem from the source.  This is especially recommended for people on their feet a lot during the day, in order that we can give your arches the support they need.  I personally had my bout with plantar fasciitis when I gained weight, which put more pressure on my arches over time.  Every pound we weigh puts 4 pounds of pressure on our joints; including the arches of our feet.  My orthotics have given me almost complete relief.  It’s also recommended that a plantar fasciitis patient be on good anti-inflammatory nutrients such as omega 3’s or bromelain.  So, if you have any of these symptoms, please do not wait until our only treatment options are surgery or cortisone shots!  Give us a call today to become pain free.

– Dr. Holley

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