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Not all Nutrients are Created Equally

On a daily basis, the chiropractic physicians and staff at CCWC are asked by patients about what nutrients they should be taking for optimal health and other conditions.  It’s an important part of the wellness culture we strive to create in our community.  However, not all nutrients are created equal.  The fact is that the FDA does not regulate the vitamin/nutrition industry.  This makes it even more critical that patients get their nutrients from a reputable source.  Sadly, most nutrient companies have become multi-level marketing schemes whoseh main focus is on profit and not the patient.  Recently, a major company had to recall their products due to metal shavings found in their pills.  Without FDA regulation there is nothing to stop people from doing this or having people make products out of their basements.  Another popular place to purchase nutrition is also at large stores such as Walmart.  A colleague of mine put it best, “Do you really think they care about putting the best product out there for people or selling it at the lowest price for the most profit?”  The most important thing a vitamin needs is to be absorbed properly in the body.  Most generic products don’t absorb well and half the pill goes down the toilet.  The point was not to discourage people’s opinions of nutrients, because they are more important now than ever!  It’s true we can get our nutrients and vitamins from our food, but that was when food was made properly.  These days, food is made to be grown quickly and enhanced to be big.  When a salad costs 5 dollars and a large hamburger costs 1 dollar, there’s definitely a problem.  More people are nutritionally deficient than ever, because we just aren’t getting our vital vitamins from our food anymore.  These are the reasons we are so passionate about the products we carry at our offices.  They are medical grade vitamins/nutrients and have the research to back them up.  So, please consult with a CCWC doctor or professional about the nutrients you’re taking or wish to take.  We are always here to help, because your wellness is our goal.


Nathan S. Holley DC

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