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Our Tallest Doctor

Today, we are continuing on our quest to showcase our staff.  Today, we are featuring one of our Millersburg doctors; Doctor Nathan Holley.

He has been with CCWC for two years now, and has settled in very well.  If you’ve ever met Dr. Holley, he can at first appearance be a little intimidating.  Although I don’t have his exact measurements, he is easily our tallest staff member.  However, after you begin talking with him, you’ll realize he’s a gentle giant with a big heart.  He specializes in Adjustment Techniques, Sports Injuries, Diagnostic Imaging, Nutritional Consulting, and Pediatric Care.  Let’s get to know him a little more shall we?

What Lead you to this line of work?”I’ve always believed in a preventative approach to modern medicine.  Growing up, my dad had a lot of back problems, and I saw how much my family chiropractor helped him.  It’s great to be able to help others now.”

What do you love most about your job?

“The greatest joy I get from my job is keeping people from unnecessary surgical or pharmaceutical intervention.  Our practice also has a large pediatric base, so being able to help children and interact with them on a daily basis is so much fun!”

If you could give every patient one piece of advice, what it would be?

“Be proactive instead of reactive with your health!  When the roof is leaking, do you just mop up the floor or fix the roof?  Sadly, most drugs are just putting a band-aid on the problem.  Taking pain killers does not correct the problem.  It just numbs your perception of pain and thus the problem gets worse without you knowing it.  A healthy diet and exercise regiment can prevent most top health concerns today.  We have to take responsibility for our health and make those changes ourselves; not wait for a magic pill to help with our cholesterol, high blood pressure, pain, etc…”

Outside of the office, Dr. Holley and his wife just had a beautiful baby girl (Paige).  So, being with family is his top priority.  He also enjoys biking, golf and seeing movies in his spare time.

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