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Getting to Know Dr. Garber

Dr. Garber recalls back to the 8th grade when she had an emergency appendectomy.  She had to stay in the hospital a full week before going home.  During her stay there, she got to work with the nurses and physical therapists.  They left such a lasting impression on her that she decided she wanted to be in the health field in some capacity.  It was two years later that her family was introduced to Dr. Waggoner and the Chiropractic profession.  After some research and speaking more with him, she began to pursue her career in Chiropractic.

While she treats all areas of chiropractic, Dr. Garber’s specializes in the Webster Technique (pregnancy treating), Pediatric Care, and Diagnostic Imaging.  She’s now been working at CCWC for 10 years and plans to be here for many more.  Similar to most of our staff, she simply loves having the opportunity and the ability to help people on a daily basis.

Dr. Garber would like to remind you to eat healthy, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and maintain your spine with chiropractic treatments.  One way she sums all of that up is to say, “Treat your body as if it is a gift from God, because that’s what it is”!

When not working, Doc enjoys spending time with her husband and kids and going on bike rides.  She also enjoys sewing and scrapbooking, and has recently learned how to crochet.  She pretty much enjoys anything crafty.

So, if you are looking for a chiropractic physician, give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Garber.  You’ll be in excellent hands!

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