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Tina Hostetler

First of all, we apologize for the long break between the last blog entry and now (almost a full month).  I have been out of the office for three weeks (details to come) and was unable to keep things up with our blog.  So, moving forward, I’d like to continue our endeavor to familiarize you with our staff at CCWC; the great people taking care of you each time you visit us.

Often, when the pain is more severe, our Chiropractic physicians may order x-rays to be taken in order to be sure of the extent of the damage.  If you’ve had x-rays done here at CCWC, there’s a very good chance that Tina was the one taking care of you through that process.  This is a great service our office provides,which saves you both time and money.  Also, by having specialized staff members handle the x-ray process, it saves our doctors time in order to keep meeting our patient’s needs.  Depending on what the x-rays reveal, our doctors may recommend spinal decompression as treatment.  Tina is also a trained therapist with decompression, so she can usher you from the x-ray room right to the decompression table if necessary.

Tina has been with us for three years now, and she loves seeing patient’s conditions improve; standing straighter, walking without a limp, and telling her how much better they feel.  Her advice to our patients is to continue with the recommended treatments so they can keep improving, and don’t end up back where they started.  Our “maintenance” packages help our patients keep their body’s frames stay in check and it’s also less expensive in the long run!

Outside of work, Tina really enjoys shopping for vintage, shabby chic decor, and refinishing old furniture to her tastes.  She also plays volleyball and rides bike with her family.  Her family enjoys boating together, and when they can, she and her husband try to get away to tropical islands to relax in the sun (who doesn’t?)  We are thrilled to have Tina as a member of our team.  Look for her the next time you are in our Shipshewana office!

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