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A Weighty Issue

weightloss2013For those of you who follow our blog, you may remember at the beginning of 2013 Dr. Waggoner set a goal to lose 90 pounds of unwanted weight.  After years of similar new year’s resolutions that ended after a few months only to gain the weight back, this was the year he was going to do it the right way; with healthy eating, proper portions, and exercise.  He had tried the fad diets, and learned from his experiences that although they did at times allow him to lose weight, it wasn’t the means to long term health.  You can only achieve that through a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.  Consistency in both of these areas will bring with it consistent results!  If anyone else is selling you something else, they don’t have your best interest in mind.

So, now that 2013 has come and gone, how did Doc do?  I had hoped to show you a time-lapse video of his weight loss using weekly photos we had taken.  Unfortunately, we stopped taking that half-way through the year, so that didn’t work out.  I would say that 2013 was both a success and a failure for Dr. Waggoner.  He achieved dramatic weight loss by losing 63 pounds!  He did this through daily exercise, which for him usually consisted of cycling and weight training.  He also began keeping a daily record of his calorie intake.  That’s the only way you’ll know what and how much you are putting into your body when it comes to food.

Unfortunately Doc’s weight loss ended in September.  Since then, he has been able to maintain his weight, but did not lose any additional weight.  Therefore, he fell 27 pounds shy of his goal.  This is a good reminder that weight loss is not easy.  The more you lose, the harder it gets to keep losing it!  It’s also a daily decision that needs to be made.  Once your commitments start turning into excuses your weight loss will turn into either weight gain or maintain.  However, I commend Doc for setting such a high goal to begin with!  If he had set his goal at 63 pounds, it’s possible he only would have lost 35 or 40.  Something to think about.

Here are some words from Doc regarding his weight loss this year…”Jan 1st 2013 I couldn’t bend over to put my shoes on without getting short of breath or walk a mile without my shins hurting and breathing heavy. Dec 31st, I’m 60+ pounds lighter and rode a single track trail with my fitness partner Aaron to celebrate feeling so much better. Accountability, discipline, and wanting to be healthier for God, wife, kids and grand-kid was a big motivation. I didn’t reach my big goal but I have set new ones for this year to continue in the right direction.”

Oh, one more thing…we did place a wager on his weight loss as a motivator.  If he was at his goal weight for the end of November, I would have to wear OSU apparel at the BIG GAME in Ann Arbor (as a Michigan fan).  If he did not, then he would have to do the same with U of M apparel (as an OSU fan).  Well, I won the bet, but unfortunately was unable to collect, since I had just returned from Thailand with my son 3 days prior to the game.  So, in order to get what’s coming to him, this photo is for you Doc!

Looking forward to a great 2014 working out with you Doc!  For the rest of you, I encourage you to resolve to reach your weight goals in 2014 through healthy eating and exercise!  Find a workout partner who already has a consistent workout schedule that can help keep you accountable.  Ultimately, it’s YOU that has to follow through with your commitments and do what it takes to reach them.gobluefan

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