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Getting to know…Chris Stidham

Chris has been with CCWC for 6 years, which makes her one of our more faithful employees.  She works out of the Millersburg office as the office manager.  She is basically their version of our Diane Miller.  However, she also helps out with decompression therapy and x-rays.  More often than not, if you visit CCWC in “the Burg”, Chris will be the one greeting you at the front desk.

At the age of 10, Chris decided she wanted to be an eye doctor.  However, about eight years later when decisions are beginning to look more and more concrete and real rather than theoretical, she decided that doctors have far too much schooling they must attend.  So, she instead opted to become an x-ray technologist.  We are glad she did!

When asked what she loves most about working with us, Chris explains that it’s the diversity of the people she gets to meet.  She really gets to know our patients and their families over time, and many of them turn into friendships.  Her advice to our readers is to be proactive with you health rather than reactive.  This will help prevent many potential issues down the road.

When not a slave to her work, Chris enjoys reading, running, and cheering her daughter on at her Cross Country & Track meets.

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