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Category: Health & Wellness

April 13th

New Doctor on Staff!

Anika is the newest member of our CCWC team of Doctors! Currently, she is serving as an intern seeing patients under the license of Dr. Nathan Holley, but she’ll be graduating soon and officially joining the Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center staff to serve the Nappanee area community.

We wanted you to get to know Dr. Anika a bit so we sat down and had a chat with her about her choice to become a chiropractor.

Q: Why did you choose chiropractic?

A: I always believed that had everything we needed; that healing really does come from within. So, I just sought out for many years a holistic healthcare system that provided hope & truth that was also scientifically based that could help facilitate healing. Chiropractic ended up finding me really.


Q: What happened?

A: I have a lot of stories about my healing through chiropractic. I had really bad migraine headaches as early as grade school where I’d miss entire days of school. I found out later on through my CVP doctor that it was because my cervical curve was completely reversed. Restoring that not only reduced the intensity of the migraines but completely eliminate it. That was pretty awesome and pretty quick how efficient that treatment was a total switch for my life really.


Q: You grew up in Goshen, IN. What lead you to attend Life University in Atlanta, GA?

A: My mentors, Dr. Poser & Dr. Warren…I ended up working as a CA (Chiropractic Assistant) for Dr. Warren for three years in Osceola. They both told me, “You gotta check out Life!” So, I loaded up my car and just went! I didn’t even do a visit. I got my acceptance letter and moved a month later. 


Q: So, you’ll be graduating in June and are doing your internship right now with Dr. Holley. How’s that been going for you now that you’re a few weeks in?

A: I absolutely love the office! People come and they know exactly what they’re going to get. We’re going to provide a very honest, fair, and thorough treatment for them and their families. Everybody leaves better than they felt coming in (knock on wood), and that’s such an encouraging profession to be in. I’m sure not every day will be like that, but that’s been my experience so far. It’s just so awesome the mutual respect the doctors have with each other, the doctors have with the patients, and the patients have with the doctors. It’s truly a family-based practice within the staff as well as in the community. I’m also impressed with the patients because they’re extremely compliant. They want to get well. That’s where healing begins; from within. If they’re willing to do what it takes to get better, that’s half the battle. 


Q: What are some other hobbies or interests you have outside of chiropractic?

A: I love spending time with my family. I love doing volunteer work. I did volunteer work with the Second Chance Pet Refuge, and I’ve adopted two little fur-babies. I love fitness and running. I like to cycle. I just love encouraging others to live a holistic lifestyle that’s sustainable and fulfilling. 


Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: Get Adjusted! 🙂

March 25th

New Kid on the Block

We are proud to announce that we are carrying Encompass Nutrients in all three of our CCWC locations (Lagrange office to open on April 15th)!  If you have never quite known what dietary supplements to take, because there are so many products out there, then look no further!  There seems to be an endless amount of supplements available these days.  You could literally spend hundreds of dollars every month to try to give your body the nutrition it needs in order to fill in the gaps of your diet.  Some of the major or more popular ones are multivitamins, probiotics, fish oil, and super greens.  If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “why doesn’t someone just make one pill that has all of that in it”, you would’t be the first.  However, it’s about time one company finally did something about it!

Encompass Nutrients is a new company that decided to ahead and simplify the dietary supplement market with what they call an “All-in-One Nutrient”.  They have combined 19 vitamins & minerals, probiotic, Omega-3 fish oil, and their own proprietary blend of Super Green Whole Foods.  Their product is called Complete Adult, and Dr. Holley in our Millersburg office says “It’s going to change the way we prescribe nutrients!”  They have also developed a Joint formula which is meant to be a companion to Complete Adult.  Together, they make quite the pair, and Dr. Waggoner believes so strongly in it that he prescribes it to every patient of his over the age of 15!  It’s beneficial for everyone, and you’ll not only feel better physically, but also  knowing that you are saving time and money!  A two month supply of Complete Adult only runs $35 and Joint Health only runs $20 for a two month supply as well.


DSC_1668 (1)

But wait!  There’s actually even more good news.  Encompass has not only provided us with an amazing product to offer our patients, but they also have an awesome mission!  They are committed to giving 80% of their profits to care for orphans around the world!  So, you’re not only improving your wellness, but you’re also taking part in giving back to a great cause!  That’s why their tag line is, “Building Health. Giving Hope.”  They exist for a great purpose.

What are you waiting for?! You can either stop in to any of our offices to pick up your Encompass Nutrients or purchase directly from their website.  We believe so much in what they are doing, we really don’t care if you buy from them directly or from us.  Everybody wins!

January 31st

Getting to Know…Kylee

As one of the newest members of the CCWC family, Kylee has only been on staff for a handful of months.  However, she has managed to fit right in to our busy office.  She specializes in relaxation massage.  If you are looking for an hour of pampering and putting all of your worries and stress out of your mind for a solid 60 or 90 minutes, Kylee is the person for you!  Recently, she’s even added hot rock massage to her ever expanding list of techniques!

Like many of our employees, Kylee first got into the health and wellness industry because she enjoys working with people and helping them to feel and be their best.  In fact, that’s what she loves most about her job; knowing she helped someone walk out of our office feeling much better than when they arrived.  Her advice to all of our patients is to make sure you are drinking plenty of water!  That means half of your body weight in ounces of water.  Chances are, you’re not drinking enough!  Most massage therapists can tell if you aren’t drinking enough water by the way your muscles feel as they massage.  So, you aren’t going to fool Kylee anytime soon.

Outside of her time here at the office, Kylee mostly enjoys spending time with her family.  She didn’t provide us with any more detailed information than that, so you’ll have to ask her while she’s massaging you what activities she enjoys most.  Be sure to schedule your massage with Kylee soon!  She’s here at our Shipshewana office Monday through Friday!

January 2nd

A Weighty Issue

weightloss2013For those of you who follow our blog, you may remember at the beginning of 2013 Dr. Waggoner set a goal to lose 90 pounds of unwanted weight.  After years of similar new year’s resolutions that ended after a few months only to gain the weight back, this was the year he was going to do it the right way; with healthy eating, proper portions, and exercise.  He had tried the fad diets, and learned from his experiences that although they did at times allow him to lose weight, it wasn’t the means to long term health.  You can only achieve that through a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.  Consistency in both of these areas will bring with it consistent results!  If anyone else is selling you something else, they don’t have your best interest in mind.

So, now that 2013 has come and gone, how did Doc do?  I had hoped to show you a time-lapse video of his weight loss using weekly photos we had taken.  Unfortunately, we stopped taking that half-way through the year, so that didn’t work out.  I would say that 2013 was both a success and a failure for Dr. Continue Reading »

October 21st

3 Myths About Chiropractic

Chiropractors are not real doctors

Chiropractors (DCs) are among more than 50,000 practitioners in the U.S.  They earn the title of “doctor” along with medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, and dentists.  The educational process is very similar to that of a medical doctor.  Chiropractic students study many of the same textbooks as medical doctors.  In fact, a chiropractic student has more course hours in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neurology, and nutrition than the medical student.  Seven years of study is the minimum that a chiropractor will receive.  Once a DC has graduated from Chiropractic College and passed their chiropractic board exams, they must pass a state licensing exam in order to practice.


Chiropractic care is dangerous

The safety of chiropractic care has been well documented in many professional journals.  Serious side-effects of chiropractic treatments occur very rarely; Continue Reading »

October 3rd

The truth about Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a very unique form of traction that if performed properly can help treat spinal conditions including disc protrusions, disc prolapse, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, and degenerative disc disease.

Some people confuse traditional traction and inversion tables as decompression therapy. There is a big difference between these therapies and a big difference on who and how decompression is done. I will try and explain the difference here.

Decompression therapy results vary depending on who is performing the therapy and what table is used. We at CCWC take pride in using the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment (digital x-ray and/or MRI) to determine the specific disc that needs treated. Then, we have highly trained staff using the most up-to-date decompression table putting the patient on the table correctly and using the specific angle needed, specific pelvic or cervical tilt, and the proper amount of time and force for optimal results.

When performed properly, a negative force is achieved and the disc can be pulled back into the disc space. It is also important that the patient is coached on nutrients, hydration, exercises, and chiropractic adjustments for the best long-lasting results.

Because all the above is needed for great results, we only offer patients 21 and 30 session packages. Anything less than 20 sessions given will not give Continue Reading »

September 3rd

My Pregnancy

For all you pregnant ladies out there, I just wanted to take the time and explain my experience during pregnancy and what I’ve been doing  that I believe has enabled me to feel good throughout this time.

In the beginning, I made sure to start getting chiropractic check-ups if not every week then every two weeks. I did experience some morning sickness issues that lingered on for about four months.  What really helped was a combination of certain acupuncture/acupressure for morning sickness.  I was able to get temporary relief while utilizing some acupressure points during work but the acupuncture sessions of 20-30 min once a week helped for longwebster 003er lasting relief.

I had the Webster technique done throughout the entire pregnancy but began getting it done once a week when I started the third trimester.  Every baby appointment I have had they have been very impressed that I have had no issues with sciatica or baby positioning. The midwife has commented every visit in the third trimester that the baby has been staying in the most optimal position for a better labor for the baby and myself.

Massage is another tool that has been helping keep my feet under control.  As many know feet and ankle swelling is very common towards the later part of pregnancy which can make walking and being on your feet more challenging. Along with ankle and feet adjustments a 30 min massage for the low back and feet have been keeping me in good shape.

I am very thankful for every treatment and modality that has helped me through my first pregnancy. I truly have been able to enjoy being pregnant and it is a very rewarding feeling to be able to experience the opposite end of the spectrum, being the patient instead of being the chiropractor 🙂 I encourage all pregnant women to utilize every treatment option possible in order to be able to enjoy your pregnancy the way that I’ve been able to.

Dr. Megan

August 22nd

Water…The Life Giver

10 Reasons to make sure you are drinking enough water!

1.  Your brain is made up of 75% water!

2.  Water regulates your body temperature.

3.  Water helps protect your heart.

4. Water helps you burn fat.

5.  Water helps prevent constipation.

6.  Water decreases fatigue.

7.  Water carries oxygen to your cells.

8.  Water flushes toxins out.

9.  It keeps your skin looking young.

10.  Water helps you control calorie intake.


So, how much water is enough?  Although 8 ounces of water is a great place to start, it may not be enough for you depending on your weight.  Divide your body weight in half (pounds).  That’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking every day!  For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, then you should be drinking 80 ounces of water or ten 8 oz. glasses of water every day.

Raise a glass and drink up!  It does your body good!

August 15th

It Does a Body Good!

Here at CCWC we work very closely with our certified massage therapists. They are highly trained in the art of massage and have the clinical knowledge to work with our doctor’s diagnosis. Muscle health is very important in our vision of total health for our patients. A classic problem we see in our clinic is nodules (aka trigger points) in the upper traps. These nodules can produce referral into the base of the skull and around the head. So, many headache patients greatly benefit from upper cervical massage. Here are the three main benefits we see everyday in our clinic with massage.

1. It relieves pain and inflammation. Therapeutic massage can be a powerful tool for natural, drug-free pain management. When you have a muscle injury, for example, inflammatory toxins and pain-causing substances such as lactic acid can build up in the tissues. Massage’s stimulating effect on the circulation helps your blood supply remove those substances, relieving pain while helping to reduce swelling and redness. Trigger point therapy is especially helpful for releasing built up muscle knots.

2. It helps you heal. The same stimulation that relieves discomfort also encourages faster healing of injuries. By improving blood flow to the injured area, massage enables nutrients and oxygen to travel more freely to the tissues for use by the body’s natural repair mechanisms. Some types of massage can also break up old scar tissue that may be contributing to your pain and stiffness. Once the scar tissue is broken up, the tissues can finish healing themselves normally.

3. It reduces stress and boosts wellness. You have doubtless heard about how relaxed people feel after experiencing a massage. Muscles trap stress, and the more stress you are under, the tighter your muscles may become. By loosening the muscles through a soothing massage session, we can help that stress dissipate and get you feeling like yourself again. Massage also stimulates the immune response, enabling your body to protect itself against the viruses and bacteria that tend to hit stressed-out individuals the hardest.

So, give one of our certified massage therapists a call today, and get on the road to recovery and wellness.

260-768-4333 (Shipshe Office)  574-642-0233 (Millersburg Office)

– Dr. Nathan Holley

August 13th

NewTrition Store!

We have made some changes in our Shipshewana office; changes we think you are going to like!  We have opened up our nutrition store for our customers to walk through and see what we have to offer.  We’ve moved our Free Coffee station in there as well.  We’ll also be offering other items for your enjoyment like apples and other fresh fruits and goodies.  And to celebrate, we are offering 10% off all of our nutrients!  So, come on in and make yourself at home.  Have a look around and see the changes we’ve made to better serve you.  As always, “Your wellness is our goal!”

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