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May 14th

Continuing Education

Dr. Waggoner, Dr. Garber, and Dr.’s Megan & Nathan Holley recently attended a continuing education seminar in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The subjects covered at the seminar allow them to stay up on all the latest in research and techniques.
Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, an Olympic cyclist and sports chiropractor of the year in 2004, talked on how to keep our high performance athletes competing at a high level.
Dr. Terry Yocum, a Diplomate in Radiology, spoke on MRI, Spondylolisthesis, and Whiplash.
Dr. Patrick Gentempo taught on chiropractic philosophy.

The doctors enjoyed gaining more knowledge in these areas which allows CCWC Dr’s to stay on the leading edge in the chiropractic profession.  Remember our slogan!  Your wellness is our goal!

CCWC Docs!

April 23rd

Free Luxury Massage!

We are giving away one free 90 minute luxury massage to one lucky person!  You could be that person!  If we reach our goal of 500 “Likes” on our Facebook page by June 1st, every person that likes our page will be entered into the drawing for the free massage.  But that’s not the only reason you should “Like” us.  By becoming a fan of CCWC on Facebook, you’ll be informed of future promotions and discounts, and receive articles and posts in your news feed about current health and wellness related topics.  So, make sure you “Like” our page, and share it with your friends, because if we don’t reach 500 fans, then no one will win the massage, and we don’t want that do we?

April 9th

Growing to Meet Your Needs!

Dr. Waggoner has been practicing for many years.  But it was in 2009 that he decided to open up an office in Shipshewana.  At that time, he had five people on staff including himself.  Part of his vision was to offer a complete health and wellness solution.  So, over time he has added on massage therapy, acupuncture, EDS, and other services.  His business began to grow very quickly, and with that growth comes the need for more staff to handle the many patients, phone calls, and paper work.  In early 2012, the Millersburg office opened up to offer another convenient location for full wellness care.  As you can see in the photo above, Community Chiropractic and Wellness Center has grown from 5 staff members to 20 as of April 2013.  Thank you to all of our patients for your business and referrals!  We appreciate you, and look forward to providing you with many more years of service!

March 13th

Give $10…Get a T!!!

Whether you have read past blog posts, or have taken the time to look around the website, you have probably picked up on the fact that we have a passion for orphan care!  There are many ways in which we can care for orphans; whether it be through sponsoring children, building orphanages, adoption, etc… Well, right now you have an opportunity to help by simply giving $10 a month to Village to Village International.  Most Americans spend that much in just two visits to Starbucks. 100% of your money would go towards helping adopting families with their expenses (the average adoption costs between $20,000 and $40,000).  I know there are people asking for your money every which way you look these days, but right now is the perfect time to give to THIS cause, because not only does it help these families bring home their sons and daughters, you’ll also get a free t-shirt in the process!  So, sign up today before all of the t-shirts are gone!

Aaron Waggoner, Director of Public Relations & Fitness


March 6th

Gotta Be Gluten Free?

What does it mean to be gluten free?

Gluten is a type of protein found in common cereal grains, wheat, barley, rye, and any foods that
contain these ingredients.  Most people know Celiac disease to be associated with gluten intolerance.

You do not have to be diagnosed with this disease in order to have some degree of gluten sensitivity.
The best way to know if gluten could be causing an issue for you is to try eliminating it from your diet.

Going gluten free at first can be difficult, because it means avoiding all wheat based flours and
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March 5th

We Like Adoption Too!

If you read my profile on the staff page of this website, you’ll notice that my wife and I are expecting.  Sometime within the next 4-6 months (Lord willing) we will be traveling to Thailand to bring home a little boy as our son.  I have never met him.  But I have lost how many times I have cried tears of joy thinking about meeting him for the first time, and welcoming him into our lives.  My wife stumbled upon a video that does a beautiful job of showing/explaining the joys of adopting a child that needs a family to call their own.  The first time I watched it, I couldn’t hold back the tears seeing the beautiful faces of these children, and this beautiful diverse family.  Please take a moment to watch this video.  There are millions upon millions of orphans in the world today.  Ask yourself if you might consider adoption as well.  –  Aaron Waggoner, Director of Public Relations & Fitness

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