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July 29th

Fast Clouds

This is a short video we put together last week stitching together over 600 photographs.  The right-to-left movement was created by moving the camera a fraction of an inch between each shot.  The total time of “filming” was 20 minutes; all condensed down to about 20 seconds.  Enjoy!


ccwc timelapse2 from Aaron Waggoner on Vimeo.

July 23rd

A Healthy Meal

Looking for a new recipe?  Here’s one that’s almost too simple.  One of the healthiest and yummiest meals ever!!  High in protein and healthy fats. SO good for you!  And delicious!!
1/2 Avocado
1 Egg


Cayenne pepper (or any spice of your choice)

Cheese (optional)
Remove the stone from an avocado. Scoop out a little more avocado to increase the size of the stone’s crater. Crack an egg into the crater. Sprinkle with Cayenne pepper (cheese too if you desire). Bake in the oven at 180 degrees until egg is cooked to the level you like.

Without cheese, this meal is roughly 250 calories!

With cheese it’s only around 300!

July 17th

Doc is Down 50!

It’s been a couple of months since we updated you on Doc’s weight loss journey.  The last time we wrote about it, he was at 243.  Life has its ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys…you get the picture.  Just like anything that’s difficult, it’s easy to say you are going to do something, but entirely another accomplishing it.  I’ll admit that I’ve been a little discouraged this year in regards to the majority of my weight loss clients.  The majority of them have started out strong, and then quickly fizzled to the point of quitting; no longer showing up for their weigh-ins and consultations.  There are many reasons (usually excuses) that people give as to why they’ve had a hard week or month, and how they are going to do better the next month.  Ultimately, I think it comes down to two major facts.  First, people begin to realize that there isn’t a magic pill you can take that allows you to one day wake up 100 lbs. lighter, and in the best physical shape of your life.  The second, is that it does take hard work!  And the more weight you lose, the harder you have to work to continue to lose it.  Like most things in life…there aren’t great rewards unless you put in the hard work.  If you find yourself having difficulty sticking with it, don’t lose heart.  Don’t give up!  Push through, and I promise the rewards will be great!

That’s why I am proud of Dr. Waggoner.  He has had some of the same struggles and set-backs that other people go through.  However, he hasn’t gotten discouraged to the point of quitting!  That’s why as of today1077320_10200767253958213_1351804109_o, he is now down 50 pounds since January 1st (see photo of 50 lb. bag of wheat, and imagine carrying that extra weight around).  That’s a huge accomplishment!  He has mentioned that he remembers getting winded putting his socks and shoes on in the morning.  The very fact that he does it now without even thinking about it is a testament to his accomplishments.  The bad news is that he is behind schedule of where he needs to be still.  Doc still has 40 pounds to lose and only 5 and a half months to do it!  He hasn’t forgotten what’s at stake (both his health and having to wear maize and blue at the BIG GAME).  We have some big things coming up in August that should help.  We’ll have more news on this later, but we are planning a bike ride from Shipshewana to Doc’s hometown of Fremont, OH.  That’s over 140 miles of biking, and we plan to do it all in a single day!  That ought to shed a few pounds 🙂


July 9th

Good Posture. Do You Have it?

Americans in general are poor postured people.standposture  We slouch, slump, and cross our legs way to much!  So why is poor posture bad?

Poor posture causes the misalignment of your neck, mid back, and lower back.  Slouching causes your diaphragm to push against the stomach causing heart burn.  Poor posture also causes acid reflux, shortness of breath, mid back pain, anterior head translation (which can cause headaches), stiffness in your neck, and low back aches.  The list goes on and on!  See illustration #1

So what is good standing posture?

When standing, you should stand up straight, turn your palm out to set your shoulders in correct posture then return the hands to a natural position.
When sitting, the key that will put the rest of you in proper posture is to keep the forward curve in your lower back.  This will cause you to sit up straight and put the rest of you into alignment.

As with any change it will take time to create new habits of proper posture.

Good posture leads to better health,
CCWC Doctors

July 5th

Obesity a Disease? Come again?

Millions of Americans will go about their day carrying a disease.  Many, if not most of them, won’t even know it!  And in this case, they are literally carrying a whole lot of this disease around with them.  I am referring to Obesity.  Believe it or not, the American Medical Association has formally decided to recognize obesity as a disease.  It took a huge jump from once being called a “major public health problem” to being labeled as a disease.  One in three Americans now has this “disease”.

However, I beg to differ with the AMA.  You cannot ignore the fact that Obesity is a major problem today, especially here in the good ole U S of A.  One in three is a staggering number!  The issue here doesn’t lie in the seriousness of the problem.  The issue is with the label.  Obesity is also known as the leading cause of preventable death worldwide.  Did you catch that very important word?  PREVENTABLE.  When I think of diseases, I think of things like Hepatitis, HIV, Cholera, Influenza, Malaria,  Tuberculosis, and Typhoid Fever.  A common thread among most diseases is they are contagious.  They can be spread through body fluids or mosquito bites.  Obesity is 100% preventable.  And guess what?  If you find yourself in the obese category (a BMI of 30 or greater), you can choose to do something about it.  There’s no need for drugs, vaccines, or rubber gloves.  What’s the magic solution?  Exercise more and eat less!  It isn’t rocket science.  Even though it isn’t complicated, that does not mean that it’s easy.  It is very doable.  obese

As you read this, you may be thinking, “Man, I’m glad I’m not obese.  I may be a tad overweight, but definitely not obese!”  Not to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a good chance you’re wrong (at this point, you may also be thinking…”This guy is a real jerk!”.  Maybe, but like most things, you can’t expect to begin solving a problem unless you know you have one.  Getting the facts is more important than maintaining happy feelings).  Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.  I am 5′ 10″ in height.  My current weight is 157 pounds.  That gives me a Body Mass Index of 22.5.  That puts me in the upper half of the normal range (18.5 – 24.9).  Instead of calling it “normal”, let’s say I’m in the range of where I should be.  Let’s face it, obesity has quickly become the norm, so normal isn’t exactly what we are going for here.  Most people that know me would say that I look thin.  I maintain I still have plenty of body fat that I could lose; and here’s my proof.  According to the BMI calculator, I could lose close to 30 pounds more and still be in that healthy weight range for a person of my height (weighing 129 with a BMI of 18.5).  Let’s head the other direction.  How much could I weigh before I am considered overweight?  173 pounds.  And at what point would I be considered obese?  209 pounds.  So…if you are 5′ 10″ and weigh 209 pounds or more…you are considered obese according to the BMI scale.  I have found that much of the problem is that being overweight/obese has become the norm.  So, if someone is on their way to losing weight by shedding the pounds, often they will hear comments like, “You are skinny!”,  “You need to start eating more”, and  “You look great the way you are.”  We live in a society in which people are more concerned for your feelings than for your health and safety.  You may be getting comments like that Continue Reading »

July 2nd

Mudder Marathon

A short time ago, we introduced you to the Tough Mudder team we are sponsoring who will be competing in the World’s Toughest Mudder competition later this year.  It’s roughly a 10 mile obstacle course they’ll be running as a team in November.  Sounds doable right?  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you…they aren’t just running this course once, but as many times as they can in 24 hours.

Kevin, Jeremiah, and Jonathon after the race.  Jeremiah was there providing support.

Kevin, Jeremiah, and Jonathon after the race. Jeremiah was there providing support.

So, how do you train for an event like that?  I imagine there is no exact right way to go about preparing your mind/body for 24 hours of pain and endurance.  I will be keeping you posted on how our team is getting on in their training.  Recently, two of the four Mudders participated in the Sunburst Marathon in South Bend (the other two were nursing injuries they acquired through their training).  Now, I myself do some running.  The longest I’ve ever run without stopping is about 9.5 miles.  My legs felt like jello by the end of it.  You can see why this would be a good event to participate in when training for a 24 hour race; Continue Reading »

June 25th

Healthy Habits

Staying Healthy isn’t just about exercise and eating right.  Here are a few suggestions to think about.

1.)  Get at least 6 hours of sleep!  Sleeping is a time when our bodies can heal and rejuvenate.  It is actually one of the most important processes that our bodies use to heal.

2.)  Brush and floss everyday!  Let’s face it; bad breath comes from bacteria in the mouth.  If we don’t “clean out” the bacteria, is is going to continue into our bodies and make us sick.

3.)  Eat nutritiously!  This means trying to eat as “cleanly” as you can.  Limit processed foods and drinks.  Your body will thank you.

4.)  Get some exercise!  At least 30 minutes of exercise a day is great for the health of your body.  Even going for a walk or cleaning the house counts.  So, get moving!

5.)  Get regular chiropractic treatments!  The importance of Chiropractic and health is nothing new.  The nervous system controls every function that our bodies undergo.  Keeping your spine in alignment and your nervous system “clear” will help keep you in good health.

Start creating good habits!  Your health matters!

– Dr. Garber


June 20th

Not all Nutrients are Created Equally

On a daily basis, the chiropractic physicians and staff at CCWC are asked by patients about what nutrients they should be taking for optimal health and other conditions.  It’s an important part of the wellness culture we strive to create in our community.  However, not all nutrients are created equal.  The fact is that the FDA does not regulate the vitamin/nutrition industry.  This makes it even more critical that patients get their nutrients from a reputable source.  Sadly, most nutrient companies have become multi-level marketing schemes whoseh main focus is on profit and not the patient.  Recently, a major company had to recall their products due to metal shavings found in their pills.  Without FDA regulation there is nothing to stop people from doing this or having people make products out of their basements.  Another popular place to purchase nutrition is also at large stores such as Walmart.  A colleague of mine put it best, “Do you really think they care about putting the best product out there for people or selling it at the lowest price for the most profit?”  The most important thing a vitamin needs Continue Reading »

June 13th

Meet the Mudder (part 4)

Last, but certainly not least is Andrew Rumfelt; The Punisher!  Apparently, he concocts some of the most insane workouts you can imagine…for fun.  I’ve met these guys in person, and Andrew can be a little intimidating.  Don’t get me wrong.  He was really nice, but let’s just say you wouldn’t want to do anything to upset him in a dark alley.  Here’s what he has to say about his story…


“Hello, my name is Andrew Rumfelt. I am 35 years old, a husband and father of 3. I am a corporate pilot for Jet Aviation Flight Services; a General Dynamics Company.


I grew up in a Christian home and at the age of 16 decided to follow Christ and was baptized. It was a genuine decision.  I however let the world and my young age influence my decision making process for a few more years. After graduating high school I attended Hesston College in Kansas.  Having grown up in a nondenominational church, my theology and understanding of the Bible were challenged at Hesston College, which required Biblical study classes.  I became confused about the diverse theological stands denominations take on the same issues.  I continued to go to class because I needed the credits and I stopped going to church all together.  I realized the only way to know the truth was to study the Bible on my own. It was slow at first, but each night before I went to bed I would open my Bible and pray; asking the Holy Spirit to guide my understanding and to lead me into truth.  I told God that if He would teach me truth I would study.  It started off with chapters and then books of the Bible each day.  It was a fire that was lit deep inside of me that just kept growing. Continue Reading »

June 11th

Common solution to the Common Cold

Welcome to spring and the season of allergies!! Within the past month I have had numerous patients in the office with stubborn sinus issues and sore/raspy throats.

There are numerous natural remedies for these conditions and symptoms but one I have found to be particularly beneficial recently is the combination of cinnamon and raw honey.

For colds/sinus issues take one tablespoon of lukewarm honey with one quarter spoon of cinnamon powder daily for three days. This procedure has also been shown to help if a cough accompanies a cold.

For a sore/raspy throat, take one tablespoon honey and sip it until it is finished. Repeat this procedure every three hours until the throat is without symptoms.

Try these natural remedies along with a chiropractic adjustment to help boost the immune system and beat the stubborn allergy season.

Dr. Megan

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