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Latest News

June 3rd

If you followed our blog last year, you probably know about the Tough Mudder team we sponsored that competed in the World’s Toughest Mudder held in New Jersey in November. However, you probably don’t know the whole story!  Watch this video to learn more about how they decided to do it to begin with, challenges along the way, and how they impacted the lives of 10 young girls.

January 13th

Getting to Know…Kelly Cole

Kelly began working at CCWC in late 2012.  Although she hasn’t been here all that long, everyone agrees that she is a joy to work with.  Professional.  Courteous.  Friendly.  These are only a few of the words that would describe her.  You’ll see Kelly at work in our office in Shipshewana helping with scheduling patients, answering the phone, and filing papers.  However, her specialty is in taking X-Rays.  If one of our doctors recommends you to have x-rays taken of your spine, leg, or anything else, there’s a good chance Kelly will be the one taking care of you.  She also helps with our patients being treated with spinal Continue Reading »

January 7th

Getting to know…Chris Stidham

Chris has been with CCWC for 6 years, which makes her one of our more faithful employees.  She works out of the Millersburg office as the office manager.  She is basically their version of our Diane Miller.  However, she also helps out with decompression therapy and x-rays.  More often than not, if you visit CCWC in “the Burg”, Chris will be the one greeting you at the front desk.

At the age of 10, Chris decided she wanted to be an eye doctor.  However, about eight years later when decisions are beginning to look more and more Continue Reading »

December 23rd

Meet Lisa

With our location being in Shipshewana, IN, the heart of Amish Country, it’s no surprise that a large percentage of our patients are Amish.  It helps having a staff member who can not only speak their language (Pennsylvania Dutch), but who also understands the culture.  Lisa another one of our friendly office staff that is eager to help you over the phone or in person.  She’s been with us for over 2 years and helps with everything from scheduling to decompression and check-ins to stocking the nutrition store.

Lisa’s love for helping people and watching them get better is what led her to the health and wellness profession.  What she loves most about working at CCWC is the Christian atmosphere and the numerous ways in which she can help people improve their overall wellness.  Her one piece of advice to our patients is to drink plenty of water.  She’s not the first to say that.  We hope you are beginning to realize how important that is!

Outside of work, Lisa can be seen riding her bike, reading books, or taking walks along the beach and in the park.  Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend.

December 10th

Outstanding Staff – Heidi

In our continuing endeavor to introduce our staff to you, today, I am happy to bring Heidi to your attention.  She is another of our massage therapists and has been with us for about 2 years now.  If you have received a massage from Heidi before, you know how fantastic of a job she does.  I have personally heard many great things about her work.  If you normally frequent our Shipshewana office, you may not recognize Heidi as she works at our Millersburg office.

Heidi says she’s wanted to be an MT and RN ever since she was in Junior High.  I don’t think I figured out what I wanted to do until a few years after I graduated from college 🙂  She loves working with people, and seeing the evidence that her massages are helping people feel better.  Her one piece of advice to her patients and anyone else reading this blog is to DRINK MORE WATER!  Time and time again, I hear our MT’s mention that they can always tell which patients are hydrated properly simply by massaging their muscles.  Are you drinking enough water?

Outside of work, Heidi pretty much enjoys all things outdoors.  Specifically, she really enjoys rock climbing, walking, and running.  Stop on by our Millersburg office and say “hello” to Heidi.  Better yet, book your massage with Heidi today!

December 3rd

Tina Hostetler

First of all, we apologize for the long break between the last blog entry and now (almost a full month).  I have been out of the office for three weeks (details to come) and was unable to keep things up with our blog.  So, moving forward, I’d like to continue our endeavor to familiarize you with our staff at CCWC; the great people taking care of you each time you visit us.

Often, when the pain is more severe, our Chiropractic physicians may order x-rays to be taken in order to be sure of the extent of the damage.  If you’ve had x-rays done here at CCWC, there’s a very good chance that Tina was the one taking care of you through that process.  This is a great service our office provides,which saves you both time and money.  Also, by having specialized staff members handle the x-ray process, it saves our doctors time in order to keep Continue Reading »

November 4th

16 Years of Faithful Service!

There aren’t too many things you can count on these days.  Every time I have a new favorite item on the menu at a restaurant, they end up getting rid of it.  So often, even brand new products we purchase fail to work properly or break too easily.  When I go shopping at the grocery store, nothing is where it should be, because they’ve relocated everything.  You just can’t count on things being the same anymore!  However, there is one place you can go, knowing exactly who is going to greet you at the front desk with a warm smile and a big heart.  That place is Community Chiropractic and Wellness Center, and that person is Diane Miller.

Diane is the office manager at CCWC in Shipshewana, and for 16 years, she’s been serving countless people by taking their phone calls, answering questions, making appointments, and so much more.  She always makes you feel welcome and at home when you walk through the doors.  It’s nice to know it’s one of the things you CAN count on.  Diane mentions that her favorite thing about working at CCWC is getting to work with all of the patients.  So many of them feel like family to her because of their loyal patronage.  “Be proactive with your health!  It’s easier to stay healthy than to get healthy.”  That’s Di’s advice to you.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with family, riding her bike and motorcycle with her husband, and working outside tending to her yard and flowers.  If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Diane, that most likely means you’ve never had an appointment at CCWC.  So, come on in and see us.  You’ll have a friendly smile waiting for you at our front desk!

July 29th

Fast Clouds

This is a short video we put together last week stitching together over 600 photographs.  The right-to-left movement was created by moving the camera a fraction of an inch between each shot.  The total time of “filming” was 20 minutes; all condensed down to about 20 seconds.  Enjoy!


ccwc timelapse2 from Aaron Waggoner on Vimeo.

April 18th

Chiropractic for the Whole Family

Chiropractic care is good for the whole family. We treat grandparents all the way down to newborns.

The Chiropractic Physicians at CCWC are trained in multiple treatment techniques depending on the patient’s age and problem.

You’re probably thinking, “Babies? You treat babies!?”
Yes! Infants make up 25% of our practice. Chiropractic treatments help with cranial molding or shaping. Treatments of infants also has found to be helpful with colic, bowels, earaches, wry neck, and a host of other things.

Growing years- we treat a lot of kids in their youth for injury. However, one of the most common is poor posture. We treat the spine and also give instruction on posture changes, posture exercises, and sometimes include bracing to help with more difficult cases. The spine grows mostly between the ages of 9-15, so we recommend at least two spinal checks a year for our school-aged patients.

Adulthood brings education with a lot of sitting and also entering into the workforce. Depending on the patient, we treat once a month to help maintain spinal alignment all the way to allowing the patient to call when they need a “tune-up”.

Remember you only have one spine for a lifetime! So treat it right! A lot of people take better care of their teeth than their spine. You can replace your teeth. You can’t replace your spine!

Take care of that spine
Your CCWC Chiropractic treating team!

April 11th

CCWC Fitness

CCWC is happy to announce that Aaron Waggoner, our Fitness & Weight management instructor, has just been certified in CPR456351_4123032188644_763259354_o.

Aaron also has been accepted into the ACE personal trainer certification program.  This will give him more knowledge & instruction for CCWC fitness programs.

The treating team at CCWC are all excited for Aaron and the benefits this will bring to our patients.

Your wellness is our goal,
Dr. Waggoner

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