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April 13th

New Doctor on Staff!

Anika is the newest member of our CCWC team of Doctors! Currently, she is serving as an intern seeing patients under the license of Dr. Nathan Holley, but she’ll be graduating soon and officially joining the Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center staff to serve the Nappanee area community.

We wanted you to get to know Dr. Anika a bit so we sat down and had a chat with her about her choice to become a chiropractor.

Q: Why did you choose chiropractic?

A: I always believed that had everything we needed; that healing really does come from within. So, I just sought out for many years a holistic healthcare system that provided hope & truth that was also scientifically based that could help facilitate healing. Chiropractic ended up finding me really.


Q: What happened?

A: I have a lot of stories about my healing through chiropractic. I had really bad migraine headaches as early as grade school where I’d miss entire days of school. I found out later on through my CVP doctor that it was because my cervical curve was completely reversed. Restoring that not only reduced the intensity of the migraines but completely eliminate it. That was pretty awesome and pretty quick how efficient that treatment was a total switch for my life really.


Q: You grew up in Goshen, IN. What lead you to attend Life University in Atlanta, GA?

A: My mentors, Dr. Poser & Dr. Warren…I ended up working as a CA (Chiropractic Assistant) for Dr. Warren for three years in Osceola. They both told me, “You gotta check out Life!” So, I loaded up my car and just went! I didn’t even do a visit. I got my acceptance letter and moved a month later. 


Q: So, you’ll be graduating in June and are doing your internship right now with Dr. Holley. How’s that been going for you now that you’re a few weeks in?

A: I absolutely love the office! People come and they know exactly what they’re going to get. We’re going to provide a very honest, fair, and thorough treatment for them and their families. Everybody leaves better than they felt coming in (knock on wood), and that’s such an encouraging profession to be in. I’m sure not every day will be like that, but that’s been my experience so far. It’s just so awesome the mutual respect the doctors have with each other, the doctors have with the patients, and the patients have with the doctors. It’s truly a family-based practice within the staff as well as in the community. I’m also impressed with the patients because they’re extremely compliant. They want to get well. That’s where healing begins; from within. If they’re willing to do what it takes to get better, that’s half the battle. 


Q: What are some other hobbies or interests you have outside of chiropractic?

A: I love spending time with my family. I love doing volunteer work. I did volunteer work with the Second Chance Pet Refuge, and I’ve adopted two little fur-babies. I love fitness and running. I like to cycle. I just love encouraging others to live a holistic lifestyle that’s sustainable and fulfilling. 


Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: Get Adjusted! 🙂

June 3rd

If you followed our blog last year, you probably know about the Tough Mudder team we sponsored that competed in the World’s Toughest Mudder held in New Jersey in November. However, you probably don’t know the whole story!  Watch this video to learn more about how they decided to do it to begin with, challenges along the way, and how they impacted the lives of 10 young girls.

December 3rd

Tina Hostetler

First of all, we apologize for the long break between the last blog entry and now (almost a full month).  I have been out of the office for three weeks (details to come) and was unable to keep things up with our blog.  So, moving forward, I’d like to continue our endeavor to familiarize you with our staff at CCWC; the great people taking care of you each time you visit us.

Often, when the pain is more severe, our Chiropractic physicians may order x-rays to be taken in order to be sure of the extent of the damage.  If you’ve had x-rays done here at CCWC, there’s a very good chance that Tina was the one taking care of you through that process.  This is a great service our office provides,which saves you both time and money.  Also, by having specialized staff members handle the x-ray process, it saves our doctors time in order to keep Continue Reading »

October 29th

Outstanding Staff! – Felica

A business will only be as good as its employees allow it to be.  You can have the best know-how in your area of expertise, the best product on the market, or the nicest facilities available.  However, if the customer experience isn’t great, they will walk away feeling like they got ripped off.  And what determines the customer experience?  It mostly comes down to the employees of that particular business.  Here at Community Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we are proud of the hard working staff we have working for us!  Not only do our doctors and therapists know their stuff, they are some of the nicest and most Continue Reading »

October 21st

3 Myths About Chiropractic

Chiropractors are not real doctors

Chiropractors (DCs) are among more than 50,000 practitioners in the U.S.  They earn the title of “doctor” along with medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, and dentists.  The educational process is very similar to that of a medical doctor.  Chiropractic students study many of the same textbooks as medical doctors.  In fact, a chiropractic student has more course hours in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neurology, and nutrition than the medical student.  Seven years of study is the minimum that a chiropractor will receive.  Once a DC has graduated from Chiropractic College and passed their chiropractic board exams, they must pass a state licensing exam in order to practice.


Chiropractic care is dangerous

The safety of chiropractic care has been well documented in many professional journals.  Serious side-effects of chiropractic treatments occur very rarely; Continue Reading »

June 25th

Healthy Habits

Staying Healthy isn’t just about exercise and eating right.  Here are a few suggestions to think about.

1.)  Get at least 6 hours of sleep!  Sleeping is a time when our bodies can heal and rejuvenate.  It is actually one of the most important processes that our bodies use to heal.

2.)  Brush and floss everyday!  Let’s face it; bad breath comes from bacteria in the mouth.  If we don’t “clean out” the bacteria, is is going to continue into our bodies and make us sick.

3.)  Eat nutritiously!  This means trying to eat as “cleanly” as you can.  Limit processed foods and drinks.  Your body will thank you.

4.)  Get some exercise!  At least 30 minutes of exercise a day is great for the health of your body.  Even going for a walk or cleaning the house counts.  So, get moving!

5.)  Get regular chiropractic treatments!  The importance of Chiropractic and health is nothing new.  The nervous system controls every function that our bodies undergo.  Keeping your spine in alignment and your nervous system “clear” will help keep you in good health.

Start creating good habits!  Your health matters!

– Dr. Garber


May 30th

Brothers from another Mudder

It was about six years ago that I began running.  I had reached my heaviest weight up to that point, and decided that it was time to do something about it.  So, I started running.  I could barely run a single mile, and even at that short of a distance I hated every second of it.  However, I was determined to push through the pain and make exercise more than a brief lapse of wasted effort at getting in shape.  I realized that if I was ever going to get to the point where I didn’t loath running, I’d have to just suck it up and keep doing it until I was in good enough shape that it would seem easy to go out and run 5 miles (research shows that it takes roughly 66 days on average to form a new habit).  It took me six months of running before I somewhat enjoyed going out for a run.

I received some help during that time from my brother-in-law.  He was a cross country and track runner in high school, and is currently coaching both sports at his alma mater; West Noble HS.  He oozes runner.  Anytime someone calls me a runner, I quickly remind them that just because I run, it doesn’t make me a runner.  He’s always trying to get me to sign up for 5k’s or half marathons.  I’ll admit, I have considered it, but only briefly.  I simply have a hard time justifying spending money to do something that I can do for free anytime I want.  $20 to run 3.1 miles?  No thanks.  I’ll pass.  However, over the last several years, there has been a new type of event gaining popularity.  Have you ever heard of the Tough Mudder, The Spartan Run, The Warrior Dash, GoRuck Race (the list goes on.  I told you it was getting popular didn’t I)?  Imagine an off road race, but with varying obstacles thrown in to challenge your strength, endurance, and toughness.  That is what all of these events are about.  They include everything from wall climbs, to ice baths, to mud slides, to electrocution (yep, you read that correctly).  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  I CAN’T do that anytime I want for free.  That’s something I’d pay money to do.  Jump off a Continue Reading »

April 22nd

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

It is common for a pregnant mother to have back and hip pain.  We treat many mothers for this.  Part
of the reason for the pain is due to the postural changes the mother’s body goes through as the
baby grows.  The body also releases a hormone relaxin that “relaxes” all of her ligaments, causing
more instability.  Treatments can help with this discomfort, and they also can help with the baby’s
development and position.

I use the Webster Technique to adjust during pregnancy.  It is a specific adjustment to the mother’s
pelvis that benefits both mother and baby.  This technique takes additional training and certification
which I have accomplished. Many of our patients have had success in their pregnancy and delivery with these treatments.

To read up more on this awesome chiropractic technique, check out and look for the Webster Technique.

Dr. Kelly Garber

April 18th

Chiropractic for the Whole Family

Chiropractic care is good for the whole family. We treat grandparents all the way down to newborns.

The Chiropractic Physicians at CCWC are trained in multiple treatment techniques depending on the patient’s age and problem.

You’re probably thinking, “Babies? You treat babies!?”
Yes! Infants make up 25% of our practice. Chiropractic treatments help with cranial molding or shaping. Treatments of infants also has found to be helpful with colic, bowels, earaches, wry neck, and a host of other things.

Growing years- we treat a lot of kids in their youth for injury. However, one of the most common is poor posture. We treat the spine and also give instruction on posture changes, posture exercises, and sometimes include bracing to help with more difficult cases. The spine grows mostly between the ages of 9-15, so we recommend at least two spinal checks a year for our school-aged patients.

Adulthood brings education with a lot of sitting and also entering into the workforce. Depending on the patient, we treat once a month to help maintain spinal alignment all the way to allowing the patient to call when they need a “tune-up”.

Remember you only have one spine for a lifetime! So treat it right! A lot of people take better care of their teeth than their spine. You can replace your teeth. You can’t replace your spine!

Take care of that spine
Your CCWC Chiropractic treating team!

April 15th

Infants & Chiropractic

“How early can I get my baby a treatment?”  This is a question we get asked by many patients.

Chiropractors have been treating babies as soon as they are born for many years.  I personally treated both of my children as infants; even just a few hours old.  So, I guess the answer to the question is…Once the baby is born, it is ready anytime to have its first chiropractic adjustment.  Just make sure you take them to a licensed chiropractor who specializes in pediatrics and infants.

Your wellness is our goal!

Dr. Garber

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