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Latest News

April 13th

New Doctor on Staff!

Anika is the newest member of our CCWC team of Doctors! Currently, she is serving as an intern seeing patients under the license of Dr. Nathan Holley, but she’ll be graduating soon and officially joining the Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center staff to serve the Nappanee area community.

We wanted you to get to know Dr. Anika a bit so we sat down and had a chat with her about her choice to become a chiropractor.

Q: Why did you choose chiropractic?

A: I always believed that had everything we needed; that healing really does come from within. So, I just sought out for many years a holistic healthcare system that provided hope & truth that was also scientifically based that could help facilitate healing. Chiropractic ended up finding me really.


Q: What happened?

A: I have a lot of stories about my healing through chiropractic. I had really bad migraine headaches as early as grade school where I’d miss entire days of school. I found out later on through my CVP doctor that it was because my cervical curve was completely reversed. Restoring that not only reduced the intensity of the migraines but completely eliminate it. That was pretty awesome and pretty quick how efficient that treatment was a total switch for my life really.


Q: You grew up in Goshen, IN. What lead you to attend Life University in Atlanta, GA?

A: My mentors, Dr. Poser & Dr. Warren…I ended up working as a CA (Chiropractic Assistant) for Dr. Warren for three years in Osceola. They both told me, “You gotta check out Life!” So, I loaded up my car and just went! I didn’t even do a visit. I got my acceptance letter and moved a month later. 


Q: So, you’ll be graduating in June and are doing your internship right now with Dr. Holley. How’s that been going for you now that you’re a few weeks in?

A: I absolutely love the office! People come and they know exactly what they’re going to get. We’re going to provide a very honest, fair, and thorough treatment for them and their families. Everybody leaves better than they felt coming in (knock on wood), and that’s such an encouraging profession to be in. I’m sure not every day will be like that, but that’s been my experience so far. It’s just so awesome the mutual respect the doctors have with each other, the doctors have with the patients, and the patients have with the doctors. It’s truly a family-based practice within the staff as well as in the community. I’m also impressed with the patients because they’re extremely compliant. They want to get well. That’s where healing begins; from within. If they’re willing to do what it takes to get better, that’s half the battle. 


Q: What are some other hobbies or interests you have outside of chiropractic?

A: I love spending time with my family. I love doing volunteer work. I did volunteer work with the Second Chance Pet Refuge, and I’ve adopted two little fur-babies. I love fitness and running. I like to cycle. I just love encouraging others to live a holistic lifestyle that’s sustainable and fulfilling. 


Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: Get Adjusted! 🙂

August 15th

It Does a Body Good!

Here at CCWC we work very closely with our certified massage therapists. They are highly trained in the art of massage and have the clinical knowledge to work with our doctor’s diagnosis. Muscle health is very important in our vision of total health for our patients. A classic problem we see in our clinic is nodules (aka trigger points) in the upper traps. These nodules can produce referral into the base of the skull and around the head. So, many headache patients greatly benefit from upper cervical massage. Here are the three main benefits we see everyday in our clinic with massage.

1. It relieves pain and inflammation. Therapeutic massage can be a powerful tool for natural, drug-free pain management. When you have a muscle injury, for example, inflammatory toxins and pain-causing substances such as lactic acid can build up in the tissues. Massage’s stimulating effect on the circulation helps your blood supply remove those substances, relieving pain while helping to reduce swelling and redness. Trigger point therapy is especially helpful for releasing built up muscle knots.

2. It helps you heal. The same stimulation that relieves discomfort also encourages faster healing of injuries. By improving blood flow to the injured area, massage enables nutrients and oxygen to travel more freely to the tissues for use by the body’s natural repair mechanisms. Some types of massage can also break up old scar tissue that may be contributing to your pain and stiffness. Once the scar tissue is broken up, the tissues can finish healing themselves normally.

3. It reduces stress and boosts wellness. You have doubtless heard about how relaxed people feel after experiencing a massage. Muscles trap stress, and the more stress you are under, the tighter your muscles may become. By loosening the muscles through a soothing massage session, we can help that stress dissipate and get you feeling like yourself again. Massage also stimulates the immune response, enabling your body to protect itself against the viruses and bacteria that tend to hit stressed-out individuals the hardest.

So, give one of our certified massage therapists a call today, and get on the road to recovery and wellness.

260-768-4333 (Shipshe Office)  574-642-0233 (Millersburg Office)

– Dr. Nathan Holley

June 20th

Not all Nutrients are Created Equally

On a daily basis, the chiropractic physicians and staff at CCWC are asked by patients about what nutrients they should be taking for optimal health and other conditions.  It’s an important part of the wellness culture we strive to create in our community.  However, not all nutrients are created equal.  The fact is that the FDA does not regulate the vitamin/nutrition industry.  This makes it even more critical that patients get their nutrients from a reputable source.  Sadly, most nutrient companies have become multi-level marketing schemes whoseh main focus is on profit and not the patient.  Recently, a major company had to recall their products due to metal shavings found in their pills.  Without FDA regulation there is nothing to stop people from doing this or having people make products out of their basements.  Another popular place to purchase nutrition is also at large stores such as Walmart.  A colleague of mine put it best, “Do you really think they care about putting the best product out there for people or selling it at the lowest price for the most profit?”  The most important thing a vitamin needs Continue Reading »

June 6th

Meet the Mudder (part 2)

Today, I introduce to you Jonathan Corbin; aka the Phenom.  Below, is Jonathan’s story.


“My name is Jonathan Corbin.  I am 35 years old.  I am a husband and a father of 4 children; ages 6, 4, 2, and 9 months (as of May 2013).  I live in Goshen, Indiana.  I currently have a tree trimming/removal business called “My Tree Climber”.   I am also a Nutrition and Wellness Coach.  In this role, through healthy habits and the right nutritional supplements, I help people accomplish health goals including weight loss, muscle gain, overcoming issues with digestion, respiratory, migraines, diabetes, and fatigue (just to name a few).

I was privileged to grow up in a home with parents who loved me and provided ways for me to understand that Jesus loved me most of all.  I asked Jesus to be the Savior and Lord of my life at a very young age.  In 9th grade I began reading my Bible on my own and setting aside time to talk to Jesus about challenging issues and just life in general, just like I would share with a good friend.   During my senior year of high school I came through a very low time in my life, but the good news is that I continued my long walks by myself where I would talk to Jesus.  One night I had a defining moment where I chose to take God at his word and believe the basic things he tells us.  This decision point freed me to overcome the challenges I was facing and take my life and relationship with God to the next level.  Since that time I have learned the importance of continual growth in life through the study of God’s word and seeking input from trusted friends and counselors.  Life is too short to stay stuck in negative beliefs and relationship patterns.  I praise God for the great freedom he has given me, even in the recent years, through work with my counselors and life coaches, pastors and friends.  God wants to bring freedom and joy into our lives, but we must be willing to grow and change in order to experience it.

I have always enjoyed being active.  As a young boy I participated in a local annual 2 mile fun run with my dad.  Growing up in the country gave me much time to enjoy hiking and running up and down the wooded hills of Pennsylvania.  The main school sport I participated in was soccer which I played starting in Continue Reading »

May 14th

Continuing Education

Dr. Waggoner, Dr. Garber, and Dr.’s Megan & Nathan Holley recently attended a continuing education seminar in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The subjects covered at the seminar allow them to stay up on all the latest in research and techniques.
Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, an Olympic cyclist and sports chiropractor of the year in 2004, talked on how to keep our high performance athletes competing at a high level.
Dr. Terry Yocum, a Diplomate in Radiology, spoke on MRI, Spondylolisthesis, and Whiplash.
Dr. Patrick Gentempo taught on chiropractic philosophy.

The doctors enjoyed gaining more knowledge in these areas which allows CCWC Dr’s to stay on the leading edge in the chiropractic profession.  Remember our slogan!  Your wellness is our goal!

CCWC Docs!

April 11th

CCWC Fitness

CCWC is happy to announce that Aaron Waggoner, our Fitness & Weight management instructor, has just been certified in CPR456351_4123032188644_763259354_o.

Aaron also has been accepted into the ACE personal trainer certification program.  This will give him more knowledge & instruction for CCWC fitness programs.

The treating team at CCWC are all excited for Aaron and the benefits this will bring to our patients.

Your wellness is our goal,
Dr. Waggoner

April 3rd

Busy Busy Busy

Why is Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center (CCWC) so busy?

We have a unique philosophy when it comes to health and wellness.

We promote a healthy combination of passive and active care.

You may ask, “What is active and passive care?”

Passive care is the treatment we give to you while you are in our office.  Chiropractic adjustments, massage, acupuncture, decompression, EDS, biofeedback, taping, foot baths, electric stimulation, and ultrasound are all a form of passive Continue Reading »

Dr Terrance Waggoner has been taking a twenty minute nap for the last 30 years. Read this article to see the helpfu…