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Our History and Mission

Our first clinic location opened in Shipshewana in 2009

Our Mission: The mission of Community Chiropractic and Wellness Center is to provide the members of our community with high quality, affordable healthcare in a comfortable and caring environment. We are excited to offer many different forms of treatment at our two locations. One of our four Chiropractic Physicians will customize a treatment program that will help you obtain wellness. Our approach is to treat the entire person, not just their symptoms. Through this comprehensive and structured approach,we are better able to help our patients achieve optimal levels of health and wellness. Each patient is treated as an individual. We draw upon various backgrounds and expertise to ensure the best and most complete care possible.

Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center (CCWC) was established in 2009 as a dream of Dr.Waggoner.

Dr.Waggoner became a Chiropractor in August of 1986 and began practicing early 1987. One of the things that frustrated him the most was that patients would see him for chiropractic care and receive acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and physical therapy elsewhere.

So, he established a goal to have all these services available to patients in one location. He also wanted staff members that wanted to put patients first, and be willing to go that extra mile for the clinic’s patients.

Our second clinic location in Millersburg opened in 2012

In 2009, Dr. Waggoner’s dream came to life with the purchase of a 4,000 square foot facility in Shipshewana, IN. With Dr Kelly Garber being a part of the Chiropractic team since 2002, the practice continued to grow. Elsie Borntrager joined the practice in 2009. She brought with her 18 plus years of expertise and vast knowledge in the field of nutrition. Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) is the method of testing she uses to help balance the body nutritionally. Spinal decompression was added with great results in treating disc problems of the neck, mid back, and low back. In 2011 Dr. Megan joined the team combining acupuncture and chiropractic care. Massage therapy has also been added. Now, patients have a complete Wellness center under one roof.

2012 has brought further growth with the addition of another clinic in Millersburg, IN which includes everything the Shipshewana office has to offer minus EDS testing. Dr.Holley joined the team to be the primary Chiropractic Physician of the new office.

Please take time and enjoy the information on this website. The site will get you more familiar with our staff, procedures, and other pertinent information. Call or email us if you would like to start one of our treatments! Your Wellness is our goal!