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1 Month Down…11 To Go!!!

beforeafterHello!  My name is Aaron, and I’m the newest member of the CCWC team!  I am serving as the Director of Public Relations and Fitness.  It’s my job to keep you up-to-date as to what’s going on here at CCWC in the way of new services, promotions, information, and anything else for that matter.  As you already know, Dr. Waggoner has challenged himself to get back into shape this year by losing 90 pounds of unwanted weight, and more importantly keep it off!  I have been serving as his personal coach and accountability partner, and I have to admit that he’s been doing a great job!  He’s recently finished up 30 days of detoxification, and we’ve been working hard at the Shipshewana Fitness Center burning calories and building muscle tone.  We’ll bring you an update once a month to keep you posted on Doc’s progress!

I set a goal to have Doc lose 12 pounds in the month of January, and he not only did that, he lost three extra pounds on top of it!  That takes him from 285 down to 270!  Tune in next month to see another update and photo to keep up with his progress!

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