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“Did that Bird Just Fly?!”

My wife says I should write a book of all the interesting things that I experienced in my 27 year of practice. I would, but I don’t think anyone would buy it 🙂

So, I will just occasionally write one of my stories here on our blog page for you to enjoy.

It was the last week in March, and I was treating a 4 year old Amish boy.  His mom was holding his baby brother.  When I was finishing, the mom asked if I could treat the trigger point that releases the sinuses and eustachian tubes.  To do this, I put on a finger cot and go into the mouth and swab the trigger point.  It just takes a second, but does sting a bit (but only for a second or two).  After swabbing, I pulled my finger out.  The little boy turned to me, gave me the meanest look, and then with his tiny little 4 year old hand gave me the bird.  Flipped me off!  Gave me the middle finger!  I was shocked!  His mom was shocked!  She yelled in Dutch ,”Loppie, loppie, schlack, schlack!”, which means “naughty, naughty, spanking, spanking!”

I found out he didn’t know what it meant, but his 12 year old uncle had taught him the gesture.  My wife and I went out to dinner with another couple that night and must have laughed for half an hour at what had happened.  The humor was found in the unexpected.

The lesson in all of this is that we need to train up our kids in the way they should go.  So, I was glad he got caught so he could learn that some little birds weren’t meant to fly.

I love birds, but some are dirtier than others!
Dr. Waggoner

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