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Brothers from another Mudder

It was about six years ago that I began running.  I had reached my heaviest weight up to that point, and decided that it was time to do something about it.  So, I started running.  I could barely run a single mile, and even at that short of a distance I hated every second of it.  However, I was determined to push through the pain and make exercise more than a brief lapse of wasted effort at getting in shape.  I realized that if I was ever going to get to the point where I didn’t loath running, I’d have to just suck it up and keep doing it until I was in good enough shape that it would seem easy to go out and run 5 miles (research shows that it takes roughly 66 days on average to form a new habit).  It took me six months of running before I somewhat enjoyed going out for a run.

I received some help during that time from my brother-in-law.  He was a cross country and track runner in high school, and is currently coaching both sports at his alma mater; West Noble HS.  He oozes runner.  Anytime someone calls me a runner, I quickly remind them that just because I run, it doesn’t make me a runner.  He’s always trying to get me to sign up for 5k’s or half marathons.  I’ll admit, I have considered it, but only briefly.  I simply have a hard time justifying spending money to do something that I can do for free anytime I want.  $20 to run 3.1 miles?  No thanks.  I’ll pass.  However, over the last several years, there has been a new type of event gaining popularity.  Have you ever heard of the Tough Mudder, The Spartan Run, The Warrior Dash, GoRuck Race (the list goes on.  I told you it was getting popular didn’t I)?  Imagine an off road race, but with varying obstacles thrown in to challenge your strength, endurance, and toughness.  That is what all of these events are about.  They include everything from wall climbs, to ice baths, to mud slides, to electrocution (yep, you read that correctly).  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  I CAN’T do that anytime I want for free.  That’s something I’d pay money to do.  Jump off a 20 ft. high platform into an icy cold pond, and then climb through a tunnel with mud only to get doused with feathers?  YES PLEASE!!!  I still have yet to do one of these races, but I have a feeling that it won’t be long.

So, you are probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this and who the tough guys are in the photo at the top of this post.  They are Team CCWC, and will be competing in the ultimately insane challenge called the World’s Toughest Mudder.  The Tough Mudder is usually a 10-12 mile course (try just running 10-12 miles, that alone will test your resolve) littered with obstacles.  The rules are changing, but there was a time that you had to earn your way to compete in this event, and that’s exactly what these guys did.  They finished in the top 5% as a team in their Tough Mudder event, and therefore were given the opportunity to compete later this year in the World’s Toughest Mudder.  So, what’s the big deal?  Well, imagine making it through the 10 mile obstacle course in freezing temperatures (the event is in November).  Then, you’re not done, because you get to keep doing it over and over again until either you can’t go any longer or time runs out.  How much time?  24 hours!!!!  By the way, last years winning team completed six laps!

We’ll be following these guys from now until the event in November checking in on their progress, training, and other events that they are using to gear up for the big day.  This weekend they will be running in the Sunburst Marathon in South Bend.  That’s right.  If the World’s Toughest Mudder competition is riding a bike, a marathon is like riding a tricycle.  So, head on out to the Sunburst and look for the Community Chiropractic logo, and give the guys some love and support.  We’ll be bringing you more detailed information on each one of the guys soon, so make sure to check back soon and often!  The next time you are finding it hard to motivate yourself to get up off of that couch and go for a bike ride or a run, think of these guys, and what lies ahead of them.  It really puts things in perspective.


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