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One Idea how to Save Ca$h to Help Save Lives

Want to sponsor a family adopting an orphan, and/or sponsor a child?  Not sure how to make it happen on a budget?  How about biking to work?

Most of our readers know by now that I have been on a journey this year to lose weight (41 pounds down, about 50 to go).  Part of that journey is creating a habit and lifestyle of being active.  As part of that, I have been biking to and from work a couple of days a week.  I was commuting by bike to my offices this week, and was thinking about how much gas money I was saving by riding.  I will save at least $50 dollars in my gas allowance a month!  Now, I could use that money to bump up my cable package, or buy myself something nice.  But why not change lives with it instead?



$19 a month will go to a boy at Lifesong schools.



$20 a month is going to Village To Village International designated to the Fry family.  They are adopting two orphans from Ethiopia.



$10 leftover I will take my wife out for coffee, and enjoy spending time with her.


Fry Family


What can you give up to gain!?  Sounds strange but I’m giving up driving to work 3 days a week to gain health, gain the privilege to help others, and gain some extra date time with my wife.

 Please join in by going to the flowing links.
– Dr. Waggoner

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