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Cold & Flu. What Will You Do?

It’s that time of year again. There are a couple supplements that I’m always recommending to patients during this season.

Sambucus is a supplement that contains a combination of numerous immune boosters such as Echinacea, Propolis, Elderberry, vitamin C, zinc, and many more.  The combination of these immune boosters acts to help the body fight off bugs in a similar manner of an antibiotic but can do so without the worry of gut or immune resistant side effects. Many patients tend to start taking Sambucus when they are sick but little know that there is a maintenance dosage that can be used throughout the tougher times of year, which tend to be transitional times (season changes) and cold/flu season. Your treating chiropractic physician will be able to give you proper instructions on how to dose Sambucus, whether it’s for maintenance purposes or to help you fight off a bug.

Another supplement that is a great proponent of the immune system is Vitamin D.  It is extremely important to supplement with Vitamin D year round, possibly increasing your dosage during the winter time. Vitamin D is hard to obtain from the diet.  The best source of vitamin D is from sun exposure.  Since we live in the Midwest, our sun exposure is limited, and many of us are likely deficient in Vitamin D.  Your treating chiropractic physician will give you advice to a proper dosage of vitamin D for you.

Sometimes patients will catch a bacterial bug that will need the help of an antibiotic.  If this is the case, I make sure patients are supplementing with a probiotic/acidophilus supplement. Antibiotics wipe out both the good and bad flora. Taking this supplement will help reduce the damaging effects an antibiotic can have on our good gut flora.

Our nutrition store can help provide you with the supplements you need for the dreaded cold/flu season.  Ask your chiropractic physician to help guide you in the right direction in order to help keep you healthy and smiling through the winter time.

Dr. Megan

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