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Meet Lisa

With our location being in Shipshewana, IN, the heart of Amish Country, it’s no surprise that a large percentage of our patients are Amish.  It helps having a staff member who can not only speak their language (Pennsylvania Dutch), but who also understands the culture.  Lisa another one of our friendly office staff that is eager to help you over the phone or in person.  She’s been with us for over 2 years and helps with everything from scheduling to decompression and check-ins to stocking the nutrition store.

Lisa’s love for helping people and watching them get better is what led her to the health and wellness profession.  What she loves most about working at CCWC is the Christian atmosphere and the numerous ways in which she can help people improve their overall wellness.  Her one piece of advice to our patients is to drink plenty of water.  She’s not the first to say that.  We hope you are beginning to realize how important that is!

Outside of work, Lisa can be seen riding her bike, reading books, or taking walks along the beach and in the park.  Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend.

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