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Encompass Nutrients Proves to be the Best!

We have been offering our patients Encompass Nutrients for over two months now. WOW what great results!
Patients have been stating,”My joints don’t ache any more!” & “My joints hurt a lot less!” “I can’t believe how much more energy I have!”  “I lost 10 pounds by having more energy which has allowed me to exercise again.”
We never have had a product in our office’s 28 years of existence that has had this much impact. Most of my staff have started taking it because of our patient’s results!  We can’t wait until July when the infant and kids products are supposed to be available!
Stop into any of our three locations to try some out or go on line and order directly at
– Dr. Terrance Waggoner


One Response to “Encompass Nutrients Proves to be the Best!”

  1. Dan Esterline says:

    thank you for you ministry in Ethiopia. God bless you greatly.

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