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Category: Products & Services

June 20th

Not all Nutrients are Created Equally

On a daily basis, the chiropractic physicians and staff at CCWC are asked by patients about what nutrients they should be taking for optimal health and other conditions.  It’s an important part of the wellness culture we strive to create in our community.  However, not all nutrients are created equal.  The fact is that the FDA does not regulate the vitamin/nutrition industry.  This makes it even more critical that patients get their nutrients from a reputable source.  Sadly, most nutrient companies have become multi-level marketing schemes whoseh main focus is on profit and not the patient.  Recently, a major company had to recall their products due to metal shavings found in their pills.  Without FDA regulation there is nothing to stop people from doing this or having people make products out of their basements.  Another popular place to purchase nutrition is also at large stores such as Walmart.  A colleague of mine put it best, “Do you really think they care about putting the best product out there for people or selling it at the lowest price for the most profit?”  The most important thing a vitamin needs Continue Reading »

April 30th

Plantar fasciitis: “I beat it. So can you!!”

Plantar Fascitis is one of the most common foot disorders that we see in our office.  The Plantar Fascia is a ligament that connects our heel to our toes.  This ligament helps hold up our arches in our feet, and when it becomes irritated we get this syndrome.  The most common complaint of plantar fasciitis is pain, which is most prevalent in the mornings or after getting up from sitting.  People who are on their feet a lot during the day and runners are the most commonly affected.  A proactive approach to this problem can keep the patient from costly surgery or shots.  The doctor evaluates the issues, and a treatment plan is set fourth.  Some common treatments are sub-aqueous ultrasound, icing, cross friction massage, and stretching of the soleus/hamstrings.  A home treatment I give most Continue Reading »

April 22nd

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

It is common for a pregnant mother to have back and hip pain.  We treat many mothers for this.  Part
of the reason for the pain is due to the postural changes the mother’s body goes through as the
baby grows.  The body also releases a hormone relaxin that “relaxes” all of her ligaments, causing
more instability.  Treatments can help with this discomfort, and they also can help with the baby’s
development and position.

I use the Webster Technique to adjust during pregnancy.  It is a specific adjustment to the mother’s
pelvis that benefits both mother and baby.  This technique takes additional training and certification
which I have accomplished. Many of our patients have had success in their pregnancy and delivery with these treatments.

To read up more on this awesome chiropractic technique, check out and look for the Webster Technique.

Dr. Kelly Garber

April 18th

Chiropractic for the Whole Family

Chiropractic care is good for the whole family. We treat grandparents all the way down to newborns.

The Chiropractic Physicians at CCWC are trained in multiple treatment techniques depending on the patient’s age and problem.

You’re probably thinking, “Babies? You treat babies!?”
Yes! Infants make up 25% of our practice. Chiropractic treatments help with cranial molding or shaping. Treatments of infants also has found to be helpful with colic, bowels, earaches, wry neck, and a host of other things.

Growing years- we treat a lot of kids in their youth for injury. However, one of the most common is poor posture. We treat the spine and also give instruction on posture changes, posture exercises, and sometimes include bracing to help with more difficult cases. The spine grows mostly between the ages of 9-15, so we recommend at least two spinal checks a year for our school-aged patients.

Adulthood brings education with a lot of sitting and also entering into the workforce. Depending on the patient, we treat once a month to help maintain spinal alignment all the way to allowing the patient to call when they need a “tune-up”.

Remember you only have one spine for a lifetime! So treat it right! A lot of people take better care of their teeth than their spine. You can replace your teeth. You can’t replace your spine!

Take care of that spine
Your CCWC Chiropractic treating team!

April 10th

Allergy in the Ears

Each year 30 million children in the US are treated for middle ear
infections.  Middle ear infection is the number one condition for
doctor visits by children under the age of 15.  The conventional method of
treatment involves antibiotic treatment or a surgical procedure to
implant ear tubes.  The problem with these solutions is that, though
relief may be provided, it is usually a temporary fix.

In our office we see a significant amount of childhood ear conditions,
and have had success working with them.  What seems to be ignored in
Continue Reading »

March 21st

Stress Much?

Dean 001It seems like people are always mentioning how much stress they are under, or how much they worry about everything that’s going on in their lives.  The busier our lives get, the more stressed we become.  Stress can take a tremendous toll on our bodies.  According to WebMD, 75% –  90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

Fortunately, we have good news for you!  We are happy to welcome Dean Bontrager to the CCWC family!  He specializes in Biofeedback Therapy.  He will be in the office on Mondays beginning in April.  Essentially, he can use instruments to help you learn how to control the stress your body is under, and learn how to relax.  Instead of writing all about it though, why don’t we just let Dean do the talking!  Just click on the video below to watch!


February 19th

Bert’s Bout with Back Pain, and How Decompression Helped

Let’s face it!  We live in a pretty skeptical society.  It’s getting harder and harder to trust people and businesses for that matter.  Everyone seems to have an angle.  That’s why the best way to grow a business is through referrals.  So, rather than us telling you why you should consider having spinal decompression done at Community Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we’ll let one of our patients do the talking for us.  Just click on the video below to see/hear what Bert has to say about his experience at CCWC!

February 13th

Vitamin D

Vitamin D-
Winter blues getting you down? Vitamin D might be your answer.
Watch this youtube video to get informed on all the benefits of Vitamin D!

As you can see, Vitamin D can help with a lot of other conditions along with the winter Blues.
Consult with one of our Doctors or our Nutrition expert Elsie as to which one of our vitamin D nutrients is best for you, as well as how many IU you should be taking a day.

Here’s to getting you smiling again,
Dr. Waggoner

February 12th


orthoticWhy do we at CCWC sell custom made orthotics?

As we stand on our feet over time, our arches start to break down.  Other reasons are flat feet, being overweight, and pregnancy.

Custom orthotics help to realign your feet, help your posture, and allow your treatments to hold and last longer.

We see the need frequently in everyone from young adults to the elderly.  When you Continue Reading »

February 6th

Dysmenorrhea – How chiropractic can help with painful periods.

Many women dread that “time of the month.” The most common symptoms women experience are moderate to severe lower abdominal cramping accompanied by lower back pain either before or during menstruation. There is a very specific chiropractic protocol that can be done to help provide significant relief of these symptoms.  For the treatments to be most effective, they need to be given either the day before and the first day of menstruation, OR day one and day two of menstruation.  The treatments involve a full spine adjustment along with additional techniques to the tailbone and lower back musculature.  Scheduling these treatments around the days mentioned above for 3-6 consistent months have helped many women (including myself) diminish, if not completely relieve, the intensity of the symptoms experienced. 

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